Review Review is one of the best transcription services according to transcription services reviews.  They have been in business for going on thirty years and they have been able to help numerous businesses with their transcription needs such as clinics, single practitioners, and even major hospitals. They specialize in transcribing medical documents such as the different branches of medicine, cardiology and substance abuse counseling, and even radiology and operative notes. Basically, they have proven themselves as being one of the professional transcription services that is available.

Editorial Ascott Transcription Service Rating

There is no doubt that Ascott Transcription Service is the best online transcription service. They not only have experience under their belts but they also have been reviewed by transcription services review sites who have stated that they are Ascott Transcription Service legit and not an Ascott Transcription Service scam or an Ascott Transcription Service fraud. Not to mention the fact that they also are said to be great when it comes to handling large volumes of general and legal transcription orders such as depositions, correspondence, lectures, and memos.

Customer’s Ranking

Customers of are ranking them in at five stars just like the editorial staff. Based on reviews of customers love how they have a log in for them to make sure that all of their information remains secure. However, to date none of the customers have mentioned anything about an coupon or discount. So, it is safe to assume that the customers feel as though this transcription service is one of the affordable transcription services since it has not come up in reviews.

Other Ascott Transcription Service Reviews Found

Other Ascott Transcription Service reviews that can be found throughout the web also speak very highly about the transcription services that are provided within this transcription service. There has been no negative talk about Ascott Transcription Service so they are deemed safe to be used by anyone.

Is a Scam?

Based on information that can be found around the web it is safe to say that is not a scam and they can be trusted.