Review Review is one of the online transcription services that have been in business since 2003. Since they have started their transcription services they have been labeled as one of the best transcription services as well as one of the affordable transcription services. Not to mention the fact that they are known for providing their customers with transcriptions that are 98% accurate and they keep all of their customers information 100% confidential. To date, reviews have been positive in nature and no one has accused them of being scam or fraud. Instead they are referred to as legit.

Editorial Verbal Ink Rating

The editorial rating for Verbal Ink is five stars. This is because based on reviews of transcription services it is obvious that they take pride in the quality of the transcription services that they provide to their customers. Not to mention the fact that their website is user friendly and they even have live chat available for their customers who may need more information about their online transcription services. Basically, if you are someone who needs top notch transcription services provided to you Verbal Ink is one of the transcription services that you are definitely going to want to consider.

Customer’s Verbal Ink Ranking

Customers are ranking Verbal Ink in at five stars as well. They indicate that Verbal Ink is one of the cheap transcription services that does not sacrifice the quality of their work regardless of their prices. Furthermore, they love the fact that Verbal Ink includes live chat, a blog, and articles on their website to insure that all of their customers are 100% clear about what it is that they can expect when they decide to do business with Verbal Ink.

Other Verbal Reviews Found

Other Verbal reviews speak positively about Verbal as well. No one has ever had one single complaint according to reviews of Verbal which is definitely a good sign for those who may have considered doing business with this online transcription service.

Is Verbal a Scam?

No, Verbal is not a scam. If they were someone would have mentioned it by now based on the length of time that they have been in business. Since no negative reviews about Verbal can be found on the web it is safe to assume that they are 100% safe to do business with.